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What are Chakras?

Crown Chakra

Chakras are energy centers that reside within each of our bodies. We each have 7 main chakras starting from the base of the spine going to the top of the head.


Just as water flows through a creek, energy flows through the body. Think of chakras as spiraling pools of energy. If nothing else were around other than the water in the creek, the creek would flow purely and clear. However, life is messy and things tend to fall in the creek; this obviously will interfere with the flow of the water and create blockages. Just like moss in the water, things like emotions, abuse, and bad experiences get in the way, causing blockages to our chakras. 


Each and every chakra in the body governs over a major organ or gland and draws in and radiates a specific energy-frequency. Having balanced and aligned chakras will make you happier, healthier, and more in-tune with yourself.

Crown Chakra Box

Love Box

The Love Box

Healing Box
Sage Box

The Sage Box

Protection box

The Protection Box

Prosperity box

The Prosperity Box

Chakra healing box

The Chakra Healing Box

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