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Floral White Sage - used to cleanse a space of negative energy and raise the vibrations of your space.


Selenite Stick - Selenite has an ancient history of being a beloved goddess stone and is the most popular crystal when it comes to protection and clearing unwanted, negative energy. This crystal vibrates at a very high frequency which purifies its’ environment. It elevates the spirit and helps you access your intuition.


Red Jasper - This grounding stone brings forth strong, energetic protection while stabilizing your energy. It enhances physical strength, endurance and stamina.


Hematite - restores, grounds, protects, and also regulates the blood supply, aiding in blood conditions such as anemia. It strengthens our connection with the earth, giving us the feeling of being safe and secure.



Tiger’s Eye Bracelet – Tiger’s eye is the ultimate protection stone, especially when it comes to travel. It enhances energies of confidence, willpower, and integrity.



Dragon’s Blood Oil - Inhaling this oil fights a wide-variety of infectious bacteria, especially in the upper respiratory tract and is used as a powerful anti-inflammatory. This oil works also great to treat wounds and injuries including rashes, stings, and scrapes when applying to skin.



Palo Santo - Translates to “holy wood”, best used for purifying the spirit and clearing energy. Palo santo is also known to inspire creativity and bring a deeper connection to the divine source.

The Protection Box

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